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Welkom bij Stal Schennink
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About Us

Stable Schennink is located in the outskirts of the area from Bronckhorst. The company is running by Henny Schennink and Karin Pettersson.
The company have an indoor and outdoor arena, stable complex with 20 boxes, walker and 1.5 ha fields. Stable Schennink has consistently interesting horses for sale. We can offer you top quality horses of all ages, levels and disciplines .

All horses have gone through a rigorous selection, have a good pedigree
and undergo a clinical and / or radiographic examination.
If we do not have the desired horse in the stable,than we searched in our network to find the right horse for you.

We try to do the most transport of the horses by our self, so that we are sure that the horses arrived well.We are an certified company and we can aranged all the export documents for you.

Should you decide to fly, we will be at the airport to meet you and escort you to your hotel. We are 1.5 hours drive from the airport Amsterdam and Dusseldorf.

We hope you to welcome at our stable

Best regards,
Henny Schennink & Karin Pettersson